Year Round Offers

    20% off Chocolate Tiramisu

    HK$ 238.00 HK$ 190.40

    Rich and creamy, the premium mascarpone cheese well blended with Belgian melting 55% dark chocolate,

    fluffy chocolate cake


    20% off Mango Egg White Cream Cake

    HK$ 298.00 HK$ 238.40

    Snow white and scrumptiously spongy egg white cake wrapped with Carabao mango dices and silky French whipping cream, tiled with thick mango slices


    Creamy Cheese Tart

    HK$ 150.00 HK$ 135.00

    Irresistible soft creamy Cheese Tarts, prepared with French fresh cream cheese, Italian soft cheese, fresh cream and rich velvety milk from Hokkaido.  Incredibly smooth and rich cheese centre wrapped in golden buttery crunchy crust.  Tastefully vary when serving hot, in room temperature or iced


    Homemade Fresh Pineapple Pastry

    HK$ 63.00 HK$ 50.40

    Prepared according to an extraordinary secret recipe, a refreshing modern tropical blend of maltose and organic brown sugar with the freshest grated Philippine pineapples, a rich fruity fillings in crispy homemade buttery pastry


    Homemade Premium XO Sauce

    HK$ 158.00 HK$ 145.00

    Full in quality and depth of flavor, our XO sauce is the perfect condiment to pair with any dish. Ideal gift for any occasion.